Hip Hop Summit Action Network/National Grassroots and Volunteer Office

The National Grassroots and Volunteer Office is the official outreach arm of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.

The HSAN/NGVO is based in Washington DC, The Nations Capitol.

The Function of the HSAN – National Grassroots and Volunteer Office is:

To establish and provide volunteer support for all activities on the HSAN at the National, State, and Local Levels (i.e. Hip-Hop Summits, Voter Registration, etc.)

To prepare pre and post assessment of HSAN Alliance development in target cities surrounding Hip-Hop Summits

To act as the first line of communication for any organization   seeking collaboration with HSAN.

To develop and implement strategy/programming to mobilize all
individuals, groups, and/or organizations in line with the mission of HSAN.

To promote, coordinate, and manage Hip-Hop Team Vote membership nationwide.

To act as a conduit for the local groups seeking HSAN Alliance status.

To provide strategic consulting for HSAN in the area of field planning, and operations, grassroots organizing and organizational development.

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