Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Congratulates Sean “P. Diddy” Combs

Hip-Hop Sets Another Historic Milestone Through The Leadership of Combs At NY 2003 Marathon

The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network today announced, “A great hip-hop victory was won as a result of the historic and valiant run by Sean ŒP. Diddy” Combs in the 2003 NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 2, 2003.  Russell Simmons, Chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network stated, “P. Diddy raised two million dollars for kids in the public school system by running and completing the NYC Marathon.  He is a living legend and represents the best of hip-hop.”

Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network emphasized, “P. Diddy is one of the most admired role models for millions of youth across the United States and throughout the world.  He is a long-distance runner, not only for the 26.5 miles of the NYC Marathon, but Diddy also is a life-long champion and runner in the struggle to eliminate poverty and injustice.  We, therefore, salute him for a well-deserved victory.”